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All Comments

What kind of hairstyle for this anime boy?
I am trying to create a hairstyle for this anime boy I made up. So here is his personality
-yet wise
-acts chilled out
-very kind

I want him to have kind of a very light blonde hair though.
i don't know how to describe this type of hair but i think the hairstyle of these characters will fit your character...

Kinji Tooyama…
Ryuuji Takasu…
Keima Katsuragi…

goodluck ^^,
Help need to find a anime boy pic with black hair and green eyes?
Can someone help me find a pic of a anime boy with green eyes and black hair? Thanks!
Where can I get the toys from Marmalade Boy anime?
I know it has been some time since when they were first released. But where can I find/get the Jet Memo, Voice Memo from the anime Marmalade Boy? I have seen pictures of them inside the box and whatnot so I know that they are real, but where can I find them at so I can buy them? Please help!
Looking for 1980s film/anime -boy goes to chinese shop finds board game and has to save last dragon?
THis is all the information I know. I think the boy was being bullied. He enters a chinese shop and in the back room he finds a board game. The film then turns into a cartoon and he has to save the last dragon. When all is done he enters back into reality and thinks it was all a dream - apart from there are still clues around him.
1980s film with cartoon animation.
"The last dragon" (1985).
Anime about a boy who exorcises evil spirits with the help of an imprisoned guardian. Any ideas?
The imprisoned guardian is one of 8 i believe that helped guard the boy's grandfather. The sealed guardian was sealed because he attacked the boy's grandfather. There is also a princess involved that the boy likes. If you have any ideas at all the name of this anime please tell me. It's been bugging the crap out of me for awhile!
I believe that anime is Tactics.
Where can i get a new copy of Boy Next Door anime?
i've seen on Amozon used copys of the anime Boy Next Door by
Kaori Yuki. I was wondering if theres a place i can get an unused copy which is in English :)
What? Boys Next Door by Kaori Yuki is ONLY a manga. There is no anime as of right now, and I highly doubt there will be one. What you saw was most likely the manga cover.

What anime boy/girl could I cosplay?
I want to cosplay as some anime boy or girl. I am 15 and i have brown shoulder length hair. I have brown eyes.
Anzu Mazaki (Tea Gardner) from Yu-Gi-Oh. Preferably if you're a girl...

May from Pokemon. Hardy har.

I really shouldn't even say this, but Harumi Suzumiya. Bwahaha!

Hmmm... How about... Sheska(sp?) from FMA? Or... Uhhh... I'm out of ideas.
What is this one anime where a boy uses a machine and turns into a ghost and possesses this girl he likes?
I've watched it before on Veoh. But im not sure if it is there anymore. But this boy gets a machine from an old man and it allows his soul to be released then he goes into the body of a girl he knows and possesses her and then pretends to be her. What is this anime? and where can I watch it?
Probably D.Gray Man.
You can't watch it dubbed anymore (the company that owns it revoked the rights), but you can find it subbed in parts at, or in whole episodes at (a german site, but it has english sub).
How do you draw a Anime boy naked at first..?
I Know I'm pretty young to draw naked cartoons, like Anime but, I do it all the time and now I had draw a lot of girls, but never any boys.. so how you draw one and I did study the human body and looked at a girls, which I'm all ready am now and look at a boy, all they did was just take away the fat and all we are and made it to Anime..

I'm really planing to do this when I'm older..
Draw them like you draw girls, but add different features..I guess?
I'm not an artist, but Im just saying XD
Ok show me a pic of ur favorite male character or of anime boy u really think is cute?
favorite male character that is cute too
im making a book of my anime drawings for now i have like 5-6 and i cant come up whit a good hair cut for an anime boy so have any pic.s that can help please?…
Ichigo - he is mad…
Saito - he is mad…
Yoite - He is mad…
Miharu Rokujou…
Zaraki Kenpachi…
Kuchiki Byakuya

There all alright... (No i do not find any of them cute, thats gay im a guy -.-)

Anyway have fun.

©, anime boy