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Dads, would you be ok seeing your teen girl naked?
A question posted by another user spiked my curiosty so I now would like to know the dad's side of this. Do you think it's ok to see your teen daughter naked?
As a father (apparently the only one so far to answer) and as a nudist, I would say that seeing my teen daughter naked would not affect me one way or the other. The truth is that I would have raised her as a nudist, and would have seen her naked from day one, just as I have seen my boys naked since their birth. These are my guyren, and my heirs. The thought of doing or feeling anything sexual toward them is disgusting and vile. But seeing them naked does NOT stir up any sexual feelings on my part, nor on the part of my wife, who is also a nudist. We know that the naked human body, whether male or female, no matter what the age is just a naked body, and nothing to get worked up over or turned on by. It's what one does with their naked body that brings a sexualness to it. So, in short, seeing your daughter naked should be no big deal. Having sexual thougts or relations with her is a HUGE deal and should be dealt with by the local authorities.
Men have you watched a very young teen girl dance half naked on youtube?
If you did all i gotta ask is do you consider yourselves pedofiles???
No, I haven't.
What would you do if you seen a hot naked teen girl in the forest?
just wondering about aimlessly
Foreplay, phonenumber, kiss, ask name, give ride home (still nude), and sex.
What is the law concerning looking at naked teen girls?
When my neighbor invited me over for dinner, he told me that he and his family are naturists, so I wouldn't be shocked. It turns out they have three really good looking teenaged daughters who spent the evening in the same condition as their parents, nude. Dis I violate any laws by being there and seeing aged girls in that condition? I did have to keep my legs crossed at first, until I got used to it. I'm invited back next week, should I go?
They are in their own home. As long as you don't touch them or take pictures, you have not broken any laws. Don't know it that is true of the parents should you object.

So keep your legs crossed and keep smiling.
I find teen girls more arousing dressed up or in a real school uniform than naked. Is that weird?
I know this sounds weird. I do like to look at teen girls. But I find a girl, any girl really, disgusting when they are naked. I'm not big into nudity of any form and I don't really find it too arousing. Like I would prefer to go to a mall to see all the girls walking around in tank tops, short short and flipflops then go to a strip club. Legs and feet and sometimes hands are my thing. I do not have a thing for butts, breasts, etc. Is this weird? I also usually prefer to look at girls under 21. But who doesn't. I'm a male in my 20's by the way. I am much more aroused to see a girl in a situation such as at a diner late a night, dressed up like she is getting back from a school dance then to see the same girl naked. Also, if she takes off her shoes, that drives me nuts. Is this common? Also if she is wearing stockings, I think it is more arousing to her legs and feet. Also, if I see a teen girl in a real school uniform, I also find that arousing. Is this wierd?
Trust me, most guys do, not only teens but all young women. Naked today is so common there is no turn on anymore. Guys always go crazy when I wear stockings with my office uniform ( business clothes) and on Halloween or Mardi Gras a military uniform or nurse uniform with stockings is always a favorite. One of the all time favorite turn on's for guys is a sexy school girl costume with a short skrt ans stockings. Nothing unusual here.
Is it weird to sleep naked as a teen girl (no rude comments)?
i just can't stand clothes... is it bad to sleep naked as long as no body sees?
i do it in the daytime, if nobody around
If a early teen girl shows naked privates on webcam and she gets recorded. Is or is she not a sex offender?
This question is in order to help my niece. She has been stupid, basically. At the moment she is being threatened by someone that says the police will be contacted on/about her. Everyone is saying my niece will be a sex offender for distributing. At the moment she is VERY scared, and I'm not well enough informed about the law. She lives in Washington (not DC) if this is of any importance.
she IS a sex offender!
What should I do b/c I found photos of half naked teen girls on my pc that my husband downloaded?
Please no dumb answers....this is a serious question. There was no nudity and it was only a few photos. He and I have been married 5 years and HIS two guyren have become MY two guyren.
Tell him you'd rather he look at porn. As long as they weren't guyren its no big deal. Men don't see age like women do.
Is it normal for a teen girl to lock herself in her room and get naked?
has any of u done it be4. is it normal by taking off your clothes in your room ,lie on your bed ,open up your legs and getting naughty
I am not sure about the locking herself into her room to masturbate, but it is normal. I do wonder why you did not mention the age of the girl?

I would encourage girls to do this and learn what they will feel just by their own touch --- this is a useful lesson. IMO, far too many girls only learn of these feelings when a male happens to brush against her --- Girls must learn the difference between this the bodily feeling of "slow moist friction" on parts of her body and the mental emotion of LOVE. They are not the same but can be connected --- One is thought a divine aspect and the other is a mechanical physical act. If you only associate the mechanical with a male --- you are a potential abuse victim.

Learn the difference. Girls are somewhat lucky --- they do not care how or where their toy discharges. They have to be trained to respect the person --- before they are allowed to shoot in a girl's direction.
I'm a young teen Girl and I want to see my best friend naked...help!?
When I'm at home sitting in bed I will watch lesbian porn...and then I start thinking about how amazing it would be if my friend and I could do that stuff...I kinda think my friend is a lesbian but I don't know that if I asked she would make out with me or take her top off. What can I do to make sure we get naked together?!O
try these..
asking her a general question about lesbianism.. what she thinks about it..
if its a positive aswer... next part
ask her would she try it ;D.. jokingly..
if good go next part..
hm.. do u like to touched where?..
if good.. go to next aprt..
just get close to her and grab her bluuubies ;D...
and play with her..
then it will be a home run to where and how far you want to take her :D.

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